Shailene Woodley, The Perfect YA Heroine? We Have 22 Reasons

Shailene Woodley had her birthday on November 15 and she turned 24 this year. For most of her life, Woodley had been acting. During her long career, she has successfully portrayed the role of several Young Adult (YA) novels’ heroines. Starting from Tris in “Divergent” to Aimee in “The Spectacular Now”, and “The Fault In Our Stars”, where she was the witty Hazel--the actress had portrayed them all, convincingly and effortlessly. We have listed some of her traits that go on to prove why Woodley is the perfect YA


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Chris Martin’s New Album Includes Both Past And Current Lovers

Chris Martin’s ex-flame and current belle will be included in the same venture. Yes, you read it right. The amiable relationship between Chris Martin and his estranged wife, Gwyneth Paltrow has never gone down even after their official divorce. This time the Coldplay frontman seems to be really lucky, as Paltrow will collaborate with Annabella Wallis, Martin’s current girlfriend to shape up a new album by Coldplay. Also Read: CHRIS MARTIN PREMIER NEW SONG ‘EVERGLOW’ FROM UPCOMING ALBUM “A Head Full of Dreams”, the fresh


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Disney And John Boyega Too Concerned About ‘Star Wars’ Outcome

Regardless of how good of a celebrity you are and how big the movie that you have starred in, stage fright is something that will never no away when a new movie is about to open up. When it comes to John Boyega, things have become quite galactic and he has no idea as to how the audience will respond to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Also Read: DIRECTOR J J ABRAMS LIMITS USE OF LENS FLARE


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‘The Danish Girl’: Window To A Transgender Girl’s Life

Based on the novel by David Ebershoff , "The Danish Girl" is much more than just a story of a transgender girl. The film starts with the love story of artist Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander) and her husband  Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne). The simple love story of the married couple takes a turn when Gerda asks her husband to stand as a female model. Einer soon realizes an attraction for female physical appearance and begins living as a woman


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