12 Monkeys Season 3 Spoilers: Focus to Shift on Witness In The New Season

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 months ago
12 Monkeys Season 3 Spoilers: Focus to Shift on Witness In The New Season
12 Monkeys Season 3

The mystery-thriller 12 Monkeys Season 3 returns next year on SyFy network. The new season promises to be more interesting than the previous. The suspense that unfurled in the previous season finale, ‘Witness,’ is likely to be explored in detail in Season 3.


Season 2 revealed that Cole (Aaron Stanford) and Cassie’s (Amanda Schull) unborn child is the Witness. Cassie discovered that when Amy of 12 Monkeys took her to 2163. When she reached an auditorium full of messengers, the room broke out into chants of “mother.” The chant made her realize that the Witness is their unborn child.

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12 Monkeys Season 3 Spoilers

The exact premiere date of 12 Monkeys Season 3 is not yet officially revealed. Moreover, the teaser promo’s voice over chants the word ‘Witness’ repeatedly. It drops a clue will reveal the storyline of the Witness in detail in the new season.

In addition, the promo shows what’s in store in the future 2163. Everything appears dark and cloudy in the future and it did not show any of characters’ existence. The voice-over says “Where is the witness” to which someone replies, “The witness is safe.”

Throughout the promo, one can feel the building suspense in Season 3 of 12 Monkeys. The promo ends with the cry of a little baby. This drops a hint that perhaps Cassie finally delivers her baby in the future.

Meanwhile, showrunner and executive producer of this series Terry Matalas had dropped images from the Season 3 filming. According to IBTimes, one such photo shared by Matalas shows a hooded figure clothed in black and another in which Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire) is in what appears to be a battlefield in the 1910s. The website adds that it could possibly be a photo of her navigating France in 1917.

Filming Continues on Thanksgiving Day

Recently, the whole of America celebrated Thanksgiving day, but the 12 Monkeys cast appeared to be busy working. According to this picture shared by Terry Matalas, it appeared that they were filming for the episodes of 12 Monkeys Season 3.

Watch the promo here:

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Photo Source: Facebook/12 Monkeys


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