Is 1D’s Liam Payne Really Lovesick After Reportedly Splitting From Girlfriend?

By Pala Sen | 12 months ago
Is 1D’s Liam Payne Really Lovesick After Reportedly Splitting From Girlfriend?

It was a disappointing time for One Direction’s fans when Liam Payne moved out of their Belfast show  and thereafter declared that he was not fit enough to perform. Is everything well with the boys? Continue reading to know more.

Liam Payne has reportedly broke up with his long-time girlfriend, sparking rumors that it might be the real reason for cancelling 1D’s gig last week.


On Tuesday, Liam came out just a few minutes before the commencement of their Belfast show. He also came out with a statement that said that he was simply not well enough to perform in the show.

However, there were some reports that alleged that Payne, 22, succumbed to the pressures that are associated with being famous and had a breakdown, behind the stage.

However, the pop star’s fans are now somewhat convinced that he has split from Sophia Smith, his girlfriend. Liam has been dating her since 2013.

The pop star seemed to appear sad in the early hours when he tweeted that it makes him happy as music is there when someone needs it very badly.

There were headlines that spoke about how Payne was responsible for One Direction cancelling their Belfast concert and though officials tried to justify by stating that the singer’s sudden illness was the cause of being a no-show, 1D fans definitely have some other theory.

When Chris Evans, the host of BBC Radio2 asked Harry in a live chat program about whether his One Direction band mate required a gift to get well soon, Harry Styles replied that it was something to do with the latter’s stomach. Initially, the band’s fans thought that it had something to do with Liam’s throat.

Liam and Sophia really make a stunning couple. The pop star said that he was much better and is now keenly waiting for the rescheduled show that took place last Friday.

His band mates Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles made an apology prior to Liam breaking his silence a day later. Liam has not yet confirmed the news of a split.



Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons