25 Fun Facts You Always Wanted To Know About Fetty Wap

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
25 Fun Facts You Always Wanted To Know About Fetty Wap
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Fetty Wap got candid with Us Weekly as he shared 25 fun things about himself. While you go through them and get to know him better, do not forget that the self-titled and chart-topping debut album of the “Trap Queen” rapper is now out for sale.

  1. His real name is not William but Willie Maxwell.
  2. The rapper is extremely fond of YSL cologne.
  3. When Wap was a kid, loved the movie “Space Jam”.
  4. His family has a long history of having twins.
  5. Unlike many who grew up in projects, Wap had a normal upbringing in Paterson, New York, where he lived with his parents Doria and Willie and his sister, Divinity.
  6. The two most important people in his life are Aydin, 4, his son and Zaviera, his daughter, who is all of 7 months old.
  7. According to the rapper, In-N-Out Burger is the best spot for fast-food.
  8. His favorite meal is mashed potatoes with steak.
  9. The rapper has 150 pairs of Robin’s Jeans in his personal wardrobe. However, he would love to have his own clothes line someday.
  10. The singer loves freaking out on Planters Trail Mix with chocolate and nuts.
  11. Wap has christened his alter ego as “Zoovier”.
  12. His most preferred holiday is Thanksgiving Day.
  13. Wap has always dreamt of visiting Bora Bora.
  14. He is into skydiving and feels that it is an amazing and crazy experience.
  15. Wap seriously desires to meet Michael Jordan, if he could have met anyone in this universe.
  16. He detests the sight of pancakes.
  17. The singer has taught himself to play the drums and piano.
  18. He has a strong wish to go to France and visit the Louis Vuitton store someday.
  19. Wap has a funny habit of purchasing two to three pairs of the flight tickets of the same Air Jordan airlines at the same time.
  20. The rapper is a big fan of video games, particularly of NBA 2K16.
  21. Wap sincerely feels that making people laugh is the best thing in this world.
  22. According to Wap, being judgmental is the worst trait a person can see in him.
  23. Becoming a billionaire is the biggest goal in the singer’s life.
  24. He usually prefers Instagram to post something rather than on Twitter and driving is preferred over flying.
  25. He is extremely happy when he sees that there are several people, besides him who have also become successful in their lives.



Photo Source: Facebook/Fetty Wap

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