2ne1 Park Bom To Make A Comeback In Her Career Soon As She Was Seen Near YG Entertainment Building?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
2ne1 Park Bom To Make A Comeback In Her Career Soon As She Was Seen Near YG Entertainment Building?

2ne1 Park Bom took a break after several issues surrounded her last year. Those allegations affected  her career negatively. And now, she was recently seen near an agency’s building. Will she make a huge comeback anytime soon?

The singer hasn’t been seen by the public for quite some time. In addition, there is little news about her for more than a year now, hence, her latest public appearance sparked a hope for her fans. As per AllKPop, she was spotted for around three seconds near the YG Entertainment building. This also gave an assurance that she is well and probably has overcome the issues which challenged her last year.


Park’s name was dragged to allegations of drug scandal in South Korea last year, as Venture Capital Post reported, everything began when a Korean media outlet released an article about an investigation pertaining to her rumored drug smuggling activity.

She underwent the prosecution process and wasn’t penalized as the officials saw her medical record and prescription from an US hospital. America is legally allowing amphetamines to be prescribed especially for certain health conditions.


CEO of YG Entertainment, Yan Hyunsuk released a statement to the public through a letter stating the drug therapy is included in her treatment medication to help her in battling a disturbing childhood memory. Her schedule prevents her from flying to United States, thus, the medications were sent to her instead.

The amphetamines that were discovered were concealed as candy snacks. These issues prompts her to stay away first from the public. She gave up her reality program entitled “SBS Roommates” and nearly all her previous commitments.

Will 2ne1 Park Bom finally be seen again on the Korean or even international entertainment industry? Many fans hope it won’t be long until they see her career become active again.

Photo Source: 2ne1/Facebook