4th Impact Could Get Great Endorsement Deals; Earn A Fortune Without ‘X Factor’?

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
4th Impact Could Get Great Endorsement Deals; Earn A Fortune Without ‘X Factor’?

The 4th Impact girls are all set to take to the stage of “X Factor” for the last time, as the grand finale is all set to take place the weekend. The stars of the group Irene, Almira, Mylene, and Celena have been really busy to ensure that that they dazzle on stage when they return with other contestants who did not make it in the final three for the grand finale.

It looks as if they would really be successful with their efforts, as was evident from one of their recent tweets along with a picture where the girls could be seen with their happening hairstyles. Earlier, the girls spent some time at a reputed London salon where they thoroughly pampered themselves.


From that very moment, the world got to know about the girls of 4th Impact (at that time the band was called 4th Power) when they came for their “X Factor” audition this year, that they have proved, as far is styling is concerned, they really have it in them.

The 4th Impact girls are always immaculately turned-out. It just does not matter whether they are giving a live performance or attending a photo shoot. Their gorgeous figures, dazzling smiles, and beautiful locks have always had a great appeal among masses just like their great voices.

The question many people have been asking is, can this girl band really make the best out of their glamour and style going forward?

It looks like they can actually succeed in doing so!

Chris, who is a big fan of the 4th Impact band, recently said that discussions on several great endorsement deals are going on a positive direction.

The fabulous four took to Twitter recently and they were smiling as they shared the secret of their gorgeous looks.

If these girls wear the clothes or products of big labels and brands more often, they would definitely be flooded with great endorsement deals by other big brands.

Team MNG would be happy to see the dreams of the 4th Impact girls become a reality very soon.



Photo Source: Facebook/4th Impact