8 times ‘Deadpool’ Already Had Us In Stitches

By Ivy Candelaria | 11 months ago
8 times ‘Deadpool’ Already Had Us In Stitches

It seems like “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds is gaining a lot of buzz and is on the right track in preparation for its opening early next year. Starting from how production is utilizing social media marketing—smartly seeding its viewers with teasers, which are mostly coming from Reynolds’ Twitter account. “The Superhero Show” (via IGN) gives us a lowdown of eight instances wherein “Deadpool” got us snickering with delight. Read on to know more.

First on the list is of course, the initial costume reveal wherein, Reynolds tweeted a photo of himself, of course in the Deadpool suit while posing like 70s actor Burt Reynolds on a bearskin rug. Afterwards, Reynolds also posted a photo of the Playboy Centerfold, which the show hosts described as the “ultimate image of manliness”—a hairy, beautiful, sexy image. The hosts also credited the superhero costume as being faithful to the comics, unlike other costume adaptations that may be a shade or two different to what readers are accustomed to seeing.



Next is the very well set-up “Extra” gag with Mario Lopez, who played AC Slater in the TV show “Saved By The Bell”. Reynolds is initially being interviewed by Lopez regarding his take on how the movie should have an R rating, instead of PG-13. This is where Deadpool walks up behind the host and beats him up with what looks like a TV set. The “Superhero Show” hosts also noted that the drawing showing Deadpool with a crayon sketch of himself and someone he killed is part of the trailer and will play a pivotal role in the movie.


We have some toilet humor up next (pun intended). With another twitter post coming from Reynolds, captioned “Smells like someone died up in here. #alivepool”, showing the main character intruding into reality and poking fun at how viewers and fans are asking if Marvel was intentionally killing off some characters—Deadpool included. Of course he is very much alive and is being re-launched right now.

The Mothers Day tweet, which “The Superhero Show” hosts are calling “good play”, even if it make them cringe a little bit.

Up  next is the “trailer for a trailer” that came out a day before the real “Deadpool” movie trailer: as “annoying” as it may seem for viewers, the 10-second clip showing Reynolds in costume and trying to smoke a pipe has an old fashioned teaser appeal. As usual Not Safe For Work (NSFW), because of the usual swearing, it entices fans even more in anticipating the…

              “My trailer is coming—tomorrow_”

Real “Deadpool” trailer, which is fun and contains the money shot, or the moving visual element of the film. Watch it for yourself, in case you haven’t seen it—which we doubt but here it is anyway:

Another very hilarious skit and viral video of Reynolds in costume for trick or treat, where he talks to kids dressed up like the “X-Men” characters. The show hosts said that as deranged Deadpool may be as a comic book character, he is very protective of kids. He could be mocking and making fun of the pint-sized “X-Men” heroes but he is still being very nice to them. It’s actually bordering on sweet, with how he asks each one of them about their powers and Reynolds saying horrible swear words while talking to the kids is like the cherry on top of the cake.

Last but not the least, is Reynolds’ slight mockery of Hugh Jackman. “The Wolverine” star joined in on the fun by retweeting Reynolds’ post. This definitely proves that production is having fun promoting and marketing the “Deadpool” movie.

One notable thing, according to the show hosts is how the movie remains faithful to the original source material, like how “Star Wars” is. We’re sure you can’t wait to see “Deadpool” when it opens in February 2016.


Photo Source: Facebook/Deadpool Movie