Adele Breaks More Records Through Her Album ’25’ In 2nd Week Of Release

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
Adele Breaks More Records Through Her Album ’25’ In 2nd Week Of Release

Adele is reaching new heights through her latest album “25” for sure. The album managed to break another record recently. It sold over 1 million copies in the USA just in its second week, after it had an impressive debut. This was reported by a tracking service this Sunday.

After enjoying unprecedented success even in its second week, the singer who is of British origin becomes the maiden musician who has had the distinction of selling more than 1 million albums in two different weeks since the year 1991.


Adele’s album, “25” managed to sell 1.1 million copies in the week ending on Thursday. This brought a total sales tally of about 4.49 million copies, as far as the album’s US sales is concerned, since it got released on November 20. This was reported by Nielson Music.

There are expectations of the album’s sales going even higher, as this is the season of holiday shopping and based on the singer’s past performance.

Adele’s earlier album, “21” has seen record sales of over 11 million copies in the US, since it was first released in 2011. The album topped the charts of the year-end for two consecutive years.


“25”has even managed to break records in Britain, Adele’s native nation by making a sale of more than a million copies in only 10 days. This made it the fastest music album to get that distinction.

The album features Adele’s “Hello”, her blockbuster single. The track is similar to the singer’s earlier work, a set of intense and emotional ballads with themes ranging from childhood nostalgia and heartache.

The singer’s success is really phenomenal at a time when overall sales of music albums have come down drastically, due to the increasing popularity of online music that started about two decades ago.

One of the most unusual features associated with Adele’s album is that though the singer is a musician of the present era, she did not make her album available on popular streaming services like Spotify. Adele also invested considerably less time in interaction on social media compared to several of her peers.

The singer with her record sales is alone helping to increase sales for her music industry.


Nielson Music offered a deeper glance on her first week’s sales. It said that Adele’s album contributed to about 37.7 percent of the total album sales in the US. This happened in a month that saw releases from other legends in the pup music industry like One Direction and Justin Bieber.

Adela did boycott streaming of her album but put “25” on iTunes for purchase.


Photo Source: Facebook/Adele