The Affair Season 3 Storyline Updates: Alison Lockhart Returns, Jacob’s To Have New Love Interest

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 months ago
The Affair Season 3 Storyline Updates: Alison Lockhart Returns, Jacob’s To Have New Love Interest
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The Affair Season 3 remains long awaited and the premiere for the new season is likely to happen on November 20, 2016. However, Showtime has been taking into consideration of fans’ curiosity as revealed in a trailer for the new season.


Moreover, the show has managed to capture viewer’s interest. There are several twists and turns in The Affair Season 3 story. Read on to know some spoilers. Talking about promo video, it shows Noah Solloway’s trial. He makes all possible attempts to convince his ex-wife over his not being guilty. The character of Noah has been played by Dominic West while Helen’s role is done by Maura Tierney.

Furthermore, it does stand hidden that Noah gets sentenced as well as imprisoned for his being guilty. He has a strong hand in Scott Lockhart’s (Collin Donnel) death.

Another thing which the video contains stresses Alison Lockhart’s comeback. Ruth Wilson plays the role of Alison in the show. The Affair Season 3 stands packed with suspense as Alison comes as a possible suspect over involvement in Scott Lockhart’s death.

Reportedly, Jacob will have a new love interest in the series. Irene Jacob plays the character role. And the name of the character will be Juliette Le Gall. Apart from that she comes up as a very helpful character for Jacob. As a result of the closeness she will have to undergo emotional as well as mental turmoil owing to the one Jacob himself is in.

According to News Everyday, the stars of The Affair have gathered a great amount of praise at the Golden Globe in 2015 and 2016. The producers of the series are Hagai Levi and Sarah Treem.

Consequently, the show first premiered in 2014. The main focus of The Affair remains on emotional stress, extramarital relationships and its physical effects. In it also come the consequences. The Affair Season 3 storyline will also leave the viewers asking for Season 4.

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