Agents of SHIELD Season 4: After Deal with the Devil, Gabriel Luna Hints Ghost Rider x SHIELD Team!

By Chan Lasan | 3 months ago
Agents of SHIELD Season 4: After Deal with the Devil, Gabriel Luna Hints Ghost Rider x SHIELD Team!
Agents of SHIELD Season 4
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The fourth episode of Agents of SHIELD Season 4 will have the title, Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire. It will feature Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider being captured by SHIELD.


So far, Agents of SHIELD Season 4 had given particular attention to two storylines. First, Chloe Bennet’s newest identity will be the highlight as well as Quake and her budding bond with Ghost Rider. And second, the previous team of Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) that is continuously working under the new authority of Jason O’Mara’s Director Jeffry Mace.

Unfortunately, it seems like these two story angles are about to connect in the fourth episode. Gabriel Luna explained that viewers have seen Robbie Reyes’ life in Hillrock Heights. As Ghost Rider, he is basically the legend of the said neighborhood.

However, according to ET Online, the 33-year-old actor said, “He has tried to keep himself in his little pocket of the world because he was probably just afraid of what he could unleash.”

Avid followers of the show know that they cannot continue to watch Agents of SHIELD Season 4 with blind eyes. Luna believed that Phil Coulson and SHIELD are required to step up having someone as powerful as Ghost Rider in the scenario.  Meanwhile, there will be an epic car chase between Coulson’s Lola and Reyes’ Lucy the Hell Charger.

In addition, Gabriel Luna hinted the possible team up between his titular role and Coulson’s team. The Transpecos star shared that Coulson is a smart man. He explained that if the former SHIELD director saw something beneficial with Ghost Rider, he would definitely incorporate him in his plans.

Moreover, if ever it happens, Reyes might reunite with Quake again. This is despite the fact that Reyes’ younger brother Gabe does not want her anywhere near him. We have seen in the previous episode that Gabe knew her true identity as Quake.

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