American Horror Story: Freak Show Premiere Recap: Monsters Among Us

By April Lara | 2 years ago
American Horror Story: Freak Show Premiere Recap: Monsters Among Us

After so many months of waiting, numerous promos and anticipation, “American Horror Story: Freak Show” has finally premiered! The first episode titled “Monsters Among Us” introduced us to the bearded lady, the strongman, Jimmy with his lobster hands, Twisty, Elsa and of course, the two-headed lady, Bette and Dot. Read on for the recap.

The freaks have set up their show just a few minutes outside of town, but apparently, townspeople were more inclined to go out during the day instead of during the night. The first episode, it seems like, business would be difficult in Jupiter, Florida,  with the support lacking from authorities and the presence of Twisty, the killer clown, is something that Elsa has to consider as well. And to make matters worse, people were getting killed, and we think we know who the culprit is — all fingers point to that clown with the creepy grin. Twisty operated alone, but with the freaks in town, it seems like the murder cases will be pinned on them. It also seems like that Twisty has a plan to hatch that involves the newcomers in town that will probably save his name but still be able to continue with his murderous ways.


To bring people into her freak show (Cabinet of Curiosities), Elsa hired Bette and Dot, the two-headed woman, who we saw fleeing her mother’s house whom she killed and has a knack for singing. She also brought in Dell, a strongman who arrived with her beautiful wife with three breasts. Dot is more playful, while Bette is her complete opposite. After killing their mother, Bette and Dot were at the hospital where we learned that they have separate organs but shares one reproductive system, and both were sexually frustrated.

Elsa was in panic mode because her business might just go down the drain, and it’s not easy bringing her human curiosities down there. Tony was the one who was promoting the show, and but he left Elsa’s name, and that was something she didn’t appreciate. Being the operator of the show, her name should always come first, right? Then Penny came in to accuse them of sexual exploitation, and this prompted the headmaster to show her a video that showed a young woman having sex with Jimmy and other characters in the freak show.

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Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons/Aniol