Andy Rooney Dies

By admin | 5 years ago

Andy Played His Part

The world awoke to sad news this morning. Our favorite curmudgeon, Andy Rooney, died overnight. The “Breaking News” that greeted us as we sat down to our favorite cup of morning Joe made us reflect.

I always thought of Andy Rooney as an adult Captain Kangaroo. We ran to our TV when it was time for him like a bunch of hyperactive kids waiting for a good romp. My dad didn’t watch “60 Minutes”. He always said, “It’s time for Andy Rooney,” and everyone congregated in front of the television.


He will be missed. Missed? That’s not an appropriate word for how we will feel about a world without Andy. Right now it’s overwhelming sorrow. And Andy, as your curtain falls we say, “You played your part well.”

Andy Rooney Dies
Andy Rooney Dies

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