Anne Hathaway’s Diva Behavior Prompted Her To Send Back Poached Egg FOUR Times?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Anne Hathaway’s Diva Behavior Prompted Her To Send Back Poached Egg FOUR Times?

Is Anne Hathaway too finicky about what she eats? It looks like the actress is sure about what she likes to eat and how she likes to eat.

According to a report by TMZ, Anne Hathaway, of “The Princess Diaries” fame was shooting for a Japanese commercial on Sunday when she made it very clear about how she likes her eggs.


Anne, 32 sent her breakfast back FOUR times as the egg was not exactly how she wanted it to be. Incidentally, she was given English muffin and eggs for her breakfast.

According to this gossip site, the Oscar winning actress had ordered avocado and English muffin with poached egg, while she was shooting at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

But when Anne’s breakfast arrived, she felt that the egg served was too runny and returned it. The muffin was cold by the time an egg was served to her for the second time.

It was the turn of the egg getting cold when the muffin was warm.

It was the fourth time when the catering staff eventually got it right when the muffin, slices of avocado, and the poached egg were spot on.

The actress had however changed her mind by this time and asked for a fried egg instead of a poached one.

This is not the only time such reports about “The Intern” star’s diva behavior has emerged in front of everyone.

When Anne was promoting her film “Rachel Getting Married in Toronto” in 2008, OK! Magazine wrote that she purposely delayed her press interviews until she received the kind of breakfast that satisfied her.

A source had then shared with the magazine that the actress wanted only soy milk lattes, so a guy had to go and ring back soy lattes for her.


She had also requested for scrambled eggs for her breakfast, as she was not happy with the breakfast that was available. The same guy had to be sent to a restaurant and it took about 45 minutes to get it.

However, the actress did not touch them when it was served to her.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons