‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 77 Spoiler Predictions: Bertolt To Kill Beast Titan If Reiner Dies?

By Martin Suan | 11 months ago
‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 77 Spoiler Predictions: Bertolt To Kill Beast Titan If Reiner Dies?

Latest “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 spoiler predictions have said Bertolt might kill the Beast Titan if Reiner dies.

The Beast Titan is known to be someone who wants to dominate.


And it could be recalled that he battered Armored Titan Shifter Reiner Braun in “Attack on Titan” chapter 70: “A Dream From the Past.”

Both Colossal Titan Shifter Bertolt Hoover and Reiner seemed to be pretty scared at the Beast Titan and the two would rather obey him than suffer a beating.

However, fans speculated that in the next chapter, Bertolt might turn on the Beast Titan if Reiner dies, considering that the two warriors were close friends.

In view of Reiner’s fate in the previous chapter, ‘gnut’ at Manga Helpers said “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 might show Bertolt turning on the Beast Titan if he learns that Reiner was being made as a sacrifice.

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‘Eigengaru’ also thought the Beast Titan had an inclination to use whatever means just to come on top and get what he wants. So, it’s more likely that Reiner and Bertolt do not matter to him.

And if he ever loses Reiner, it’s not going to be a problem.

Others also agreed that the Beast Titan looked like he was only using Reiner as a pawn since he just forced Reiner and Bertolt to tag along with him.

On another angle, if Bertolt’s not going to move, Reiner might do something in “Attack on Titan” chapter 77. It was said once Reiner learns that the Beast Titan was just using him, he might make a last move to help the Survey Corps.


Meanwhile, some readers took note on what could happen to Reiner in “Attack on Titan” chapter 77. It could be seen that the Survey Corps’ thunder spears were only inches away from his head.

Considering the fact that those five thunder spears explode, fans believed the Armored Titan Shifter is going to die. Hence, it was said that a flashback of his past might be featured in the next chapter.

Although these predictions sound plausible, readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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