‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 77 Spoiler Predictions: Erwin To Die Or To Become An Enemy?

By Martin Suan | 11 months ago
‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 77 Spoiler Predictions: Erwin To Die Or To Become An Enemy?

Recent predictions about “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 have said Erwin looked like the next major character to die.

As the manga’s story progresses chapter-after-chapter, one could notice how single-minded and logical Survey Corps Erwin Smith (Commander Erwin) is.


He has this conviction, which he implanted in Levi Ackerman, to prioritize a mission no matter how many lives it would cost because humanity’s survival is at risk.

However, it was a surprise to see in the previous chapter (“Attack on Titan” chapter 76: “The Thunder Spear”) that he realized he had fooled himself and his friends.

He somewhat also blamed himself for the deaths of the thousands of Survey Corps who risked their lives for the sake of humanity – and it was all because of his beautiful speech.

While his realization looked like a good thing to see, Erwin’s thoughts shifted after remembering the basement in the house of Titan Shifter Eren Yeager.

It could also be seen that Erwin was really planning to enter the basement to find out the truth. And after this scene, fans are now guessing what Erwin is really going to do in “Attack on Titan” chapter 77.

‘Eigengaru’ at Manga Helpers said stories beyond “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 would feature Erwin storming in the basement and finding out a horrible truth.

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And because of this, it was believed that he would change entirely and become the next villain. It was also thought that Erwin had this desire to be someone like God (which he will never be) and dominate.

On another note, others believed the previous chapter signaled Erwin’s death in “Attack on Titan” chapter 77.


‘Artlristic’ said he is going to die either through a Titan or through the Titan serum. ‘vanihba2000’ also said he was going through a “moral conflict,” which was allegedly a confirmation for his death.

It was also said he might arrive to a compromising situation and get to choose between his comrades or the basement. ‘gnut’ believed Erwin is set to be the sacrifice so that Eren and the Survey Corps could go in the basement.

It could not really be denied that Survey Corps Erwin Smith (Commander Erwin) is one mysterious character. But regardless how the next chapter transpires, one thing seemed certain: Someone’s going to die.

However for the meantime, take predictions about “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 with a grain of salt.

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