Avrl Lavigne And Ex Chad Kroeger Spotted Together After Months Of Splitting

By Pala Sen | 10 months ago
Avrl Lavigne And Ex Chad Kroeger Spotted Together After Months Of Splitting

If you thought that exes cannot be on friendly terms, then perhaps you are mistaken.Ay least the recent camaraderie between Avril Lavigne and her ex Chad Kroeger’s behavior definitely proves that.

On last Sunday Avril Lavigne and her ex-husband, Chad Kroeger seemed to reunite as the duo was seen going out of the Sunset Marquis Hotel. The hotel is located at West Hollywood in California.


It came as a surprise for us at it has been only some months since this celebrity couple called it quits.

If you have forgotten, earlier, the singer and the frontman of Nickelback had declared that they were separating. The couple decided to go their separate their separate ways after being married for just 2 years. Now, that was really sad!

According to Perez Hilton., though Lavigne and Kroeger got separated, they have maintained amicable relationships. In fact, this is not the only time that these two ex-flames were found to be spending their time together.

Earlier, in the month of October, the ex-couple, who both originally hail from Canada, had collaborated on some music together.

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It was during the same time that Avril Lavigne had shared that both she and her former hubby would always remain best friends for ever. Now that is really cute.

In the month of November though, there had been some rumors of the singer dating Ryan Cabrera as they were seen together in many occasions. But soon those rumors were busted when it came out that Cabrera was dating Katie Krause, the rocker’s live-in-girlfriend.  Krause, as you all know is an entertainment host by profession.

Perhaps, Lavigne’s fight with the Lyme disease was partially responsible for straining their relationship that eventually led to their separation.

Recently, Avril Lavigne revealed to her followers and fans that she was keeping much better now.


You just do not know. Perhaps there is still some hopes for these two ex-flames. At least, we can hope so.


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Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Avril Lavigne