Azealia Banks Brutally Abused By Russell Crowe? Rapper Files Battery Report

By Eva Artosilla | 3 months ago
Azealia Banks Brutally Abused By Russell Crowe? Rapper Files Battery Report
Azealia Banks
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A planned party hosted by Russell Crowe with few friends in attendance ended up in chaos.  Azealia Banks who came to the party through a friend of the host staged a drama. The host was then accused of battery.


Did the American Gangster actor maltreat Azealia Banks? According to Pitchfork, Banks attended a party in Crowe’s Beverly Hotel suite as Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA’s guest. The lady rapper mocked Crowe’s choice of music and called Russell Crowe and his male guests “boring white men,” which made the other guests angry.

A female guest allegedly defended Crowe and pacified Banks. Then Banks reportedly threatened Crowe and the woman, saying “you would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat.” When Banks took hold of a glass, Crowe allegedly restrained her and took her out of the hotel suite. The security personnel escorted her from the premises as seen by witnesses.

She posted on her Facebook account that the actor choked her, spat on her and dragged her out of the room. She also wrote that she did not sleep well during the night and she felt terrible that the other men in the party did nothing.

Her manager, Raymani also posted on his account that the singer-songwriter was shell shocked, distraught, and disheartened. The post further says that Crowe brutally abused her.

Banks filed a police report at the Beverly Hills Police Department. Sgt. David Tomlin informed that they are now investigating the said case.

Her manager said that the controversial singer wants to go back to New York and does not want to stay in LA because of the incident. Is Banks accurate in her police report? The guests present were denying her allegations.

Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe might end up in court if she insists on her complaints against the actor. The sad thing is when the outcome of the investigation reveals that it was her who started all the chaos. Then Crowe will file counter charges against her. Stay tuned for the updates on the investigation.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Azealia Banks


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