Baby Daddy Season 6: Danny to Meet WWE Star to Help Him Pursue His Dream

By Chan Lasan | 2 months ago
Baby Daddy Season 6: Danny to Meet WWE Star to Help Him Pursue His Dream
Baby Daddy Season 6
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Baby Daddy will be returning for a sixth season. And this time around, the gloves are set to come off as Danny works on fulfilling his dream as a wrestler. Will he be able to be a good daddy while he is at it?


The previous season of Baby Daddy saw Danny learning that he’s about to become a father. While the news that Riley is pregnant came as a shock, the daddy-to-be took it in stride. Fans of the show will be gratified to know that he will be totally supportive of Riley and the baby.

Production has already started for the comedy’s sixth season. Aside from the expected pregnancy capers, fans can also expect to see Danny embark on a new career – wrestling. Interestingly enough, he will be mentored by none other than wrestler John Hennigan.

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Baby Daddy Season 6 Update: Danny and Riley and Baby Make Three

According to the Parent Herald, Hennigan, also known as John Morrison to WWE fans, will be joining Baby Daddy Season 6. The ex-WWE star will be playing Ryan “The Hatchet” Davidson, a hockey player turned professional wrestler. He will also reportedly inspire Danny to dip his toes into the sport.


Baby Daddy
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Secret Past

There are reports teasing that The Hatchet will convince the young man into joining him in the wrestling ring to help promote his league. Who knows, fans might even see Danny go up against The Hatchet. The former will certainly find the incentive to do so when he finds out that the latter has a secret past with his mom.

There is no word yet on what this secret past is. But it will definitely make way for some hilarious shenanigans. Of course, fans are no doubt wondering what this will mean for Riley and the baby. While that remains a mystery, what is clear is that Danny will man up and accept his responsibilities in the upcoming season of Baby Daddy.

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