Baltasar Kormákur Shows True Leadership Qualities While Shooting For ‘Everest’

By Poonam Singh | 1 year ago
Baltasar Kormákur Shows True Leadership Qualities While Shooting For ‘Everest’
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“Leadership,” it is a ten-letter word but simply very huge in meaning. To gain leadership qualities, one has to go through so many tests and sometimes face situations which are not at all easy to handle or are out of control. So, the word is the main focus of the latest movie by Baltasar Kormákur titled “Everest,” a tale depicting the Mount Everest disaster of 1996.


The difficulties faced by the crew were unexplainable but what bring the “Leadership” word into focus is the efforts made by the director to encourage everyone. Yes, it was the director of the film who took in charge when the situation was becoming tougher to handle.

“I think what’s helpful is that I will stay right there with them, in the same conditions, show them what they need to do…So they are more likely to work with you than if you’re sitting someplace warm and telling them, ‘Keep going,’” said the director while talking to author Alison Levine about shooting in the hard weather.

The film’s photography director Salvatore Totino said, “It was a very difficult shoot, physically challenging, with weather you couldn’t control. You had to keep adapting,” revealed The Hollywood Reporter.

The director who supported his team like a true leader recently, said that he made this movie not with an intention to get it select for Oscars. During the U.S. premiere of the movie at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, he thanked Universal for making the movie and also talked about how difficult it was to shoot for it, “I think it’s very courageous of the studio to invest in a movie like this. It’s really hard to get these films made, this is not an obvious choice,” revealed The Hollywood Reporter as told by Kormákur.

The film is full of A-listers like Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Emily Watson, Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was released on September 18 in IMAX 3D, PLF 3D and Real-D 3D formats.

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