Battle Creek Season 1, Episode 7 – Recap

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Battle Creek Season 1, Episode 7 – Recap
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“Battle Creek” Season 1 Episode 7 “Mama’s Boy” aired last Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Detective Russell “Russ” Agnew (Dean Winters) and FBI Special Agent Milton “Milt” Chamberlain (Josh Duhamel), in the course of their murder investigation, had to ask for some help from a very unlikely source- Constace Agnew (Candice Bergen), Russ’ con artist mother. Meanwhile, Holly Dale (Aubrey Dollar) tried to figure out a way so that an article about Russ’ unorthodox methods wouldn’t get published.  Read on to learn more about this episode.


After FBI Special Agent Milton “Milt” Chamberlain (Josh Duhamel) and Detective Russell “Russ” Agnew (Dean Winters) recovered the foot of a murder victim, Commander Guziewicz (Janet McTeer) ordered them to ask help from Russ’ con artist mother, Constance Agnew (Candice Bergen), as the shoe that the victim had been wearing was a knock off. Milt then discovered that Constance was currently serving a six year sentence for scamming a cellphone store owner.

At the visiting room in jail, Russ reminded Milt not to trust his mother as she was always looking for a way to scam someone, including Milt. She then told them that the shoes had been part of a test line that had been discontinued, and that she could help them out by talking to her old contacts.

At the morgue, they discovered that their victim had been punctured in the foot, which matched the hole in the shoe on the foot.

Later, the trio went to a Chinese restaurant where Constance introduced them to a mid level counterfeiter friend of hers, who gave her the address of Henry Briggs (Chris Mulky), whom she claimed knew the distributors. Afterwards, they went shopping for new clothes because Henry was a classy guy, and she ended up using Russ’ own credit card to buy some pretty expensive clothes.

However, they discovered that Henry Briggs was her ex-boyfriend, and she had set everything up so that she could hook up with him again.

Meanwhile, Detective Fontanelle “Font” White (Kal Penn) and Detective Niblett (Damon Herriman) got the list of names of all of those who had rented out a unit from Do It Yourself Storage, as their victim had broken into one of the units before he had died.

Back at the precinct, Max Archer (Todd Grinelle), a reporter for the local paper, approached Holly to get a statement from the department regarding Russ’ unorthodox methods. She then went to the commander, who told her not to say anything except that they supported Russ in whatever he did. Afterwards, she looked Archer up, and after discovering that he had been arrested several times, blackmailed him to drop the story, which he eventually did.

Later on, after looking at the security footage of Do It Yourself Storage with Niblett, Constance told Russ that she recognized the man who had broke into the facility- it was her partner in the cellphone scheme- Arnold Mathis.

After telling them about their scheme, Milt and Russ decided to pay a visit to Mathis’ father, who had turned his life around and had become a priest. They then discovered that Mathis had told his father that the one million dollars that he was getting was his half of the share, which meant that Constance had been lying about how much they had ripped off from the cellphone store owner, Nick Shaw (Ben Bowen), who turned out to be the nephew of a Detroit mobster.

After bringing him in and questioning him, they discovered that he had lost two million to Mathis and Constance. However, they were interrupted as the FBI had found everything, plus the murder weapon, a gun that belonged to Constance, at the bottom of the lake. They then discovered Constance’s storage unit, but didn’t find any money. They then made her do a polygraph which told them that she had the two million dollars, that she didn’t love Russ, and that she had killed Mathis. However, they realized, after a while, that they had been conned by Constance as she had used Font’s phone to arrange for a fake prison transport so that she could steal Henry’s car from him to escape.

However, it turned out that Russ had conned his mother as he knew that she was going to escape to get the money. Meanwhile, Constance went to her storage unit, and took the money from Russ’ old trophies. However, Henry followed her and revealed that he had killed Mathis as he had overheard him talking about the cell phone scam. However, before he could pull the trigger, Milt and Russ arrested him.

Later, Holly realized that Constance had conned her on order to see if she was good enough for Russ, and Russ and his mother reconciled before she was taken back to prison.

Meanwhile, Milt tried to reconnect with his mother by calling her, to no avail.

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