Best News Bloopers [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 2 years ago
Best News Bloopers [WATCH VIDEO]

Delivering the news is serious business. That’s why we love some newsroom boo boos.

The memorable moments on TV are the ones that are found on the evening’s headlines. That is definitely the situation in the video below. This is basically a mash-up of a variety of people delivering the news while dealing with something unexpected like earthquakes, Freudian slips and other on-air faux pas.


It’s safe to say that everyone is fan of live news bloopers, and the video below is just one of the many out there. There are other videos which featuredreporters quitting their job on air. Another is where singer Erykah Badu interrupts a news broadcast, and a news anchor drops an “f” bomb. But even if these videos have raked up a lot of views on YouTube, there’s still plenty of funny live TV moments to consume.

News bloopers come in different forms. There are celebrity guests saying foul-mouthed things live on morning TV, and random people wanting to be on the news so they jump on to the camera frame and, for more effect, in costume. These videos are a good blend of different types of funny incidents and flubs, may it be on local news channel or on a live national broadcast, coupled with some foreign clips, will definitely make the viewers think about how difficult it is to produce a news broadcast live.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Third Class Christopher D. Blachly