Is Beyonce Pregnant with Baby No. 2? Concealed Belly Sparks Possibility Of A Baby Bump

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
Is Beyonce Pregnant with Baby No. 2? Concealed Belly Sparks Possibility Of A Baby Bump

Beyonce fanned the fires of her second pregnancy speculations after landing in New York City on Monday via helicopter, along with hubby Jay Z, and 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. Read on to get the complete scoop.

The possibility that Blue Ivy might be getting a new playmate has been flickering for a while now, but the 33-year-old singer re-ignited the speculation of carrying Baby No. 2.


All those who were debating for Beyonce’s pregnancy, passed a smile of success on Monday when she got off from the helicopter wearing an extremely loose, flowing, white maxi dress teamed up with a baggy denim jacket and flip flops. To bear further witness, the “Love on Top” singer strategically concealed her belly by placing her MacBook over it. What is Bey hiding?

Wet Paint reports that in spite of her many attempts, it does certainly look like her belly is bigger than usual.

Has our Grammy award winner merely gained some pounds that she is embarrassed to display? Or are the swirling rumors about her conception is true?

OK! Magazine reported that their exclusive source dug out that after rounds of IVF treatment Beyonce and Jay Z are reportedly expecting their second child!

Queen Bey has always expressed that being a mother has served her great and she simply enjoys being cute Blue Ivy’s mommy. Is it about time for Bey to double the pleasure with a second child? Her rapper husband Jay Z also teased about his hopes of having “a little basketball team” with his wife. So do we have the second member in the making?

OK! Magazine’s source reveals, “Even though she’s barely showing, she’s paranoid that someone will pick up on it, so she’s hiding her stomach whenever she goes out.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beyonce