The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Update: Reason Behind Sheldon’s Three Knocks Revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 months ago
The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Update: Reason Behind Sheldon’s Three Knocks Revealed
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The Big Bang Theory is currently in its tenth season. And as the show progresses ahead, there is this one mystery. It  has surrounded Sheldon right from the first season and that is his peculiar way to knock.


Right from the beginning, Sheldon has always made a point to knock three times before entering a room. Meanwhile, it was always assumed that this was one of his habits. Sheldon recently shared the main reason behind it to Penny.

TV Guide reported that in the recently aired episode, Sheldon and Penny talked about it when were eating ice-cream. The former explained why has it been so hard for him to be emotionally and physically intimate with Amy especially after he has been living with her.

According to what he revealed, it has to do with a childhood trauma. It also led to him knocking three times on the door before entering anyone’s house. Wen he was 13, Sheldon came home early from college and heard some sounds coming from his parents’ bedroom.

Upon opening the door, he saw his father hooking up with another woman. After a traumatic experience like that, he has always made a point to knock three times. Further explaining the knocks, Sheldon stated that the first knock is traditional. He added that the second and the third knock is for people to get their pants on.

Since he and his father never really spoke about the incident, this trauma of his was probably never resolved. As far as getting intimate with Amy, Sheldon fears that he will end up doing something similar to what his father did. To add to that is the fact that he and Amy have been fighting like his parents used to.

The outlet further noted that maybe it was because of his parents that he turned out like this. It remains to be seen how Sheldon deals with this problem of his.

The Big Bang Theory season 10 will move to its regular time from October 27.

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