The Big Bang Theory Spinoff Sheldon in the Works

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The Big Bang Theory Spinoff Sheldon in the Works
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Even before the geeks were in the picture care of Glee, the nerds were there first. And is still there. The Big Bang Theory is not only one of the longest running comedy shows on TV but also the highest rated show of CBS. Who would have thought, right?


Will The Big Bang Theory Be Canceled?

It has been 10 years since the nerd-centered show premiered on TV. There are a lot of speculations going around now (which probably is just out of fear of it actually happening) that the show will soon be canceled.
The Big Bang Theory holds a very high production cost for CBS. Yes, other shows has grander production settings but the cast of the show, holds $118M paychecks. It is high but then again, they are the face and hold big credits for the success of the show.

But it is not only the cost that propelled a major buzz about the cancelation of The Big Bang Theory. It is also because the contracts of the cast members are soon to be expiring. Of course, they will be offered to sign another contract considering the success of the show. However, many people are worried that the cast themselves would want to resign.

10 years is a long time for a creative person to be portraying the same character. Even Grey’s Anatomy, also a long running show, were left with almost entirely new cast. If The Big Bang Theory should still continue, it is not sure if all the main actors will return to reprise their roles.

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What Is The Possibility Of A Spinoff?

CBS has previously announced that it is looking into the possibility of a spinoff. According to a report by Screener, a prequel series based on Sheldon Cooper is currently in development. The show is expected to air fall of next year if CBS gives a green light to the project.

Tentatively titled as Sheldon, the series will show Jim Parson’s character on The Big Bang Theory as he grows up in Texas. Executive producer Chuck Lorre and showrunner Steve Molaro are reported to be attached to the project. Jim will not be part of the cast but will also be an executive producer for the prequel/spinoff series.

Although Sheldon Cooper is probably the most loved character in The Big Bang Theory, fans are still worried that a go signal for the spinoff series Sheldon will ultimately cancel the mother show.

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