BIGBANG Members To Work Together Again with YG Enetertainment? “Close To Percent Probability” A Source Revealed!

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
BIGBANG Members To Work Together Again with YG Enetertainment? “Close To Percent Probability” A Source Revealed!

As early as now, it seems the future career of BIGBANG has a certainty although it is still unconfirmed as to what will happen after the expiration of their contract with the present agency. How true it is that they could have a contract renewal to the same agency handling them now?

In a report from Al lK-Pop, some people who are working and active in the industry believes their renewal with YG Entertainment is highly possible.


“It looks like Big Bang has made up their mind to renew their contract with YG Entertainment. Although we can’t know if Big Bang has already said yes or no to re-signing the contract, it looks like they’ve made their mind to go together.“ a concert representative said as reported by the outlet.

Furthermore, a source told Sports Chosun as cited by K-Popstarz the present situation of BIGBANG as an artist that they encounter some difficulties in planning their schedule for the upcoming year since they would have to renew first their contract. A lot of artists are often negotiating their terms of agreements at least six months before the expiration of their respective contracts. It was in order to give enough time for the companies and agencies connected with the artists to do certain adjustment if needed.


There are no direct statement yet issues by YG Entertainment but the source is confident the group will go for a contract renewal and there is a “close to 100 percent probability” behind this negotiation.

This speculation provides hope for fans as they believe it is the best option for them. The fans considered they have a lot of international schedules for 2016 because of their world tour. Also, the BIGBANG members will soon serve their mandatory military service around 2016-2019. Hence, it’s advisable if they stay with YG Entertainment.

Will BIGBANG renew their contract with YG Entertainment soon?

Photo Source: BIGBANG/Facebook