High Possibility Of Black Mirror Spinoff! Fans Demand Sequel For San Junipero Episode

By Chan Lasan | 2 months ago
High Possibility Of Black Mirror Spinoff! Fans Demand Sequel For San Junipero Episode
Black Mirror

It is a testament to how good Black Mirror is that fans are clamoring for a spinoff of one of its episodes. Fans still have not stopped talking about the San Junipero episode. But is the premise enough to warrant a spinoff?


The anthology series quickly became a favorite among viewers. This is despite its dark themes that revolve around modern society. In addition are the unexpected consequences of new technology. The series has also become infamous for not giving its characters and audiences a happy ending. Until San Junipero, that is.

Black Mirror: Falling in Love in San Junipero

The episode revolves around Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who meet in the beach resort town of San Junipero. Despite their differences, the two fell in love and Kelly demands that they meet in real life. It is then revealed that the two are in a virtual reality system.

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 In a surprising but heartbreaking twist, Kelly and Yorkie turned out to be two elderly women. The former is dying of cancer while the later has been paralyzed since she was 21. That was when she ran away after her parents rejected her for being gay. The two get married in San Junipero and when they died, they decided to let their memories live in that virtual reality.

Black Mirror
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Black Mirror Spinoff

The episode clearly resonated among viewers, particularly as it’s the only Black Mirror episode that has a happy ending. According to Parent Herald, its popularity has also led to viewers clamoring for a spinoff. It is an idea that San Junipero director Owen Harris admits to being open to.

The director acknowledged that there is a lot of material there. The venture is also something that promises to be groundbreaking and exciting. However, a Black Mirror spinoff would depend on Charlie Booker, the show’s creator.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of Booker agreeing to it. However, the series is an anthology, so it would require that each episode be unique. Still, fans are hoping that San Junipero will once again grace Black Mirror.

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