Blake Lively Is No Longer A Blonde; Actress Is Now A Brunette Beauty

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 1 year ago
Blake Lively Is No Longer A Blonde; Actress Is Now A Brunette Beauty

Blake Lively, who is so far known as a blonde goddess, has recently bid farewell to her lighter locks in favor of a deeper hue. She has just revealed that “she is no longer a blonde!” Read on for more details.

With the posting of a snap on Instagram, in which Lively is clad in sporting casual wear and Tevas sitting on the wooden base of a beautiful hanging bridge.


“…Brondes have more fun #No Types – I Know I Think Its Crazy Too.” Lively posted.

Lively is reportedly said to have embraced for a whole new look. She has dyed her hair “bronde” that is, in fact, a mix of brunette and blonde. Probably she had tuned with the throbbing sensations of her fans who might have turned weary with her years old looks, the reason why she has put an endeavor to emerge as a new avatar.

Lively is likely to be well acquainted how to stay in the hearts of her global fans. This is not the first time she has altered her hair color. She emerged with a new look in red in 2011 for the movie “Hick.” She had also turned brunette when she had worked for the movie “Green Lantern” with her present husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Since the news of Lively’s change in style, mainly she is not blonde anymore, hits the Internet, her fans and followers have inundated with their supporting tweets saying “blonde or not, blake lively is goddess,” “so Lively is no longer blonde and she’s still the hottest woman to walk this earth,” “@blakelively isn’t blonde anymore and I don’t know if I can” and so on.

According to MTV News, in a closer shot, Lively’s hair looks darker than it does afar. While there are lighter pieces framing her face, the entire color is more brown than blonde.

Will Lively loose her fans for relinquishing her blonde locks? Or she will appear in some other attractive look(s) in future. only time will tell.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Blake Lively