Blue Bloods Recap: Most Wanted

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Blue Bloods Recap: Most Wanted
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Blue Bloods” Season 5 Episode 6 “Most Wanted” aired last Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) joined forces with his sister, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) in order to capture one of FBI’s most wanted, Zoren Brasha, a mobster whom no one can seem to convict. Meanwhile, Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) prepared to replace Officer Rico Ramirez as the champion for the Police Force in the Battle of the Shields against the Fire Department. Erin also started to worry whether she could continue in her job as Assistant District Attorney because her daughter, Nikki Reagan (Sami Gayle), was going to start in college soon. Read on to learn more about this episode.


The episode began with a man named John Coogan (Daniel Stewart Sherman). He was trying to back up his delivery truck in order to start his route. However, he could not do so as a man in a black Mercedes Benz was blocking his way. After asking him to back up, the other man got back into the car and then proceeded to viciously Coogan up with a tire iron.

While this happened, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) came up to his son, Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), who was on his morning jog. He then asked him if he could replace Rico Ramirez as their champion for the Battle of the Shields. Ramirez had injured his ankle, and could not fight. Frank told him to agree to it before his other son, Jamie’s brother, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) learned about it even if he won that fight years back. Frank wanted Danny to spend Halloween with his sons.

At the crime scene, Danny recognized the suspect as Zoran Brasha (Ron Fehmiu). He is a mobster who used to run the streets and who was impossible to prosecute as “nothing” stuck to him, “like Teflon”. Brasha had been found with the victim’s blood on him and a tire iron in his hand. Danny’s partner, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) was sure that they would be able to get him this time.

Back at the precinct, Danny was pulled aside by their new boss, Lieutenant Dee Ann Carver (LaTanya Richardson Jackson). She told him that she did not tolerate them stepping out of bounds. If necessary, she would use her “hook” at 1PP- the Special Assistant to the Commissioner Sergeant Gormley (Robert Clohessy), who told her to do so if Danny ever stepped out of line.

Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara), the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information at 1PP, encouraged Frank to consider Interpol’s request to help them extradite Brasha so that he could stand trial in Serbia. He had committed many crimes in New York, including killing a police officer, Richard Duncan in cold blood. Frank told Garrett to inform Interpol that since the arrest was made in New York, he would stand trial in New York.

During Brasha’s bail hearing, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) was surprised to discover that Brasha’s lawyer was her old rival and schoolmate from Columbia, Tori Parsons (Rebecca Mader).  Erin’s arguments were able to convince the judge to hold Brasha without bail until the trial itself. Afterwards, Tori invited Erin out to lunch as it had been fifteen years since they last saw each other.

During lunch, Tori joked that Erin might just have to go to the “dark side” with her as a lawyer in a private practice since college tuition fees were pretty pricey. Erin then told her that the people would not accept any plea bargains. She warned Tori that they might be able to go trial after all because Coogan has woken up.

At the hospital, Coogan narrated what had happened that morning. He agreed to testify at court as the New York Police Department was going to provide protection for him and his family. However, Danny became a little bit more alert when a flower shop sent over a black rose with a card with Brasha’s mark. It only means that Brasha was going to go after Coogan.

Afterwards, Danny visited Jamie at the gym, who was training with Ramirez. However, they were interrupted by Jimmy Wallace and his cousin from the Fire Department. Both he had Danny put up a dinner bet on who would win. Jimmy warned Danny that they would win this time as he wouldn’t let Danny’s father “fix the fight again”. Because of this, Danny encouraged Jamie to win against Jimmy’s cousin. However, Jamie reminded him to go trick or treating with his sons as he would have some extra time off.

During the line -up, Danny and Erin became concerned because Coogan could not seem to identify Brasha as his assailant. Afterwards, Danny learned that Brasha had threatened to kill Coogan’s niece in Delaware if they did not do what he wanted. Erin, after learning about this, became upset at Tori, who did not bat an eyelash at all, as they were both “playing the same game”.

Up at 1PP, Garrett informed Frank that a friend at the Washington Post had informed him that State might get involved soon. The State they wanted to help Interpol in extraditing Brasha.

After comparing witness statements, Danny discovered that the owner and employees of a bodega whom Coogan frequented might be able to give eyewitness testimony. The owner, Mr. Ortiz, refused to cooperate, but the store manager, Ray Santiago, who saw the entire thing, was willing to testify. However, Erin told Danny that it would not hold up in court. The defense might say that Ray would be willing to say anything so that he would not get deported.

During the Sunday dinner, Jamie learned that the Wallaces believed that Frank had fixed the fight in which Danny had won. Because after the fight, Frank was seen sitting next to one of the judges of the fight at a bar. Danny then told them that he would be taking his sons out trick or treating. They learned that Nikki (Sami Gayle), even if she had gotten into seven out of the ten schools she applied to, was still nervous about college.

After dinner, Erin confided to her father that she was thinking of going into private practice as it would be able to pay for Nikki’s college. Her father then told her that “the brass ring on your career is not the number of zeros on your paycheck, but it is when you become indispensable, which you are”. However, Erin replied that she was not sure if she still had the “luxury of thinking that way” anymore.

The next day, Mr. Ortiz was surprised to find that his bodega and employees were being inspected. He then gave in and gave them the surveillance tape that they needed in order to convict Brasha in order for Danny to call off the inspectors.

The next day, Erin met up with a firm that had been trying to recruit her for years. They gave her a good offer, but she asked them to let her think about it for 24 hours.

Danny, Maria and a team infiltrated Brasha’s house, but to their surprise, they discovered that he wasn’t there. He had managed to dig a tunnel to the other house, and had gotten out of the country.

Erin was surprised to hear that Tori could not reach her client. She concluded that Tori had helped him escape the United States. However, Erin could not believe that Tori would not feel guilty about letting Brasha go free as she had said that a “good defense attorney gets their clients off in any way they can”. Erin then showed her the surveillance footage and asked for Brasha’s new name on his passport.

 At the press conference, Frank revealed that Interpol, thanks to their intelligence, had caught Brasha at an airport in Montenegro. He was currently being extradited to Serbia, where he would be standing trial for his crimes.

At Erin’s house, Nikki told her mother that as she had wanted to help.  She had decided to go to Columbia, especially as she could live with her good friend, Melissa, at her parent’s apartment. Erin then told her to sleep on her decision and looked at the offer that those she met earlier had given her.

Right before the Battle of the Shields, Jamie noticed that Ramirez had been riding his motorcycle. It would be difficult to do if he had an injury. He then realized that Ramirez’s ankle had already healed while he was training him. It really should have been Ramirez to fight in the match. Jamie insisted that Ramirez take back his slot and that he and Danny would back him up at the corner.

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