Blue Ivy gets a pink Cadillac and a blue Lamborghini for her 2nd Birthday

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Celebrity super star power couple Beyonce and Jay Z is one couple that keeps on going strong. It has now been 2 years since their beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy was born and now that she’s just turned 2, she’s already being made to expect the finer things in life.


Blue Ivy's Gifts
The celebrity baby received a pink Cadillac and a blue Lambo for her second birthday. Though they were only miniature ride-ons, Ivy’s hopes for future gifts may start rising from an early age. And it’s pretty safe to say that she will be the envy of her pre-school classmates from now on.

Her mother, Beyonce, recently posted a picture of the two miniature cars parked in the hallway of her huge mansion, on her Tumblr account.

Jay Z and Blue Ivy
While undoubtedly a little ostentatious, the cars were, rather sweetly, personalised for the toddler. the Lamborgini bore the legend ‘Blue Ivy Baby Club’ across the front windshield, and ‘Baby Slab’, on the seat.

Perhaps they were gifts from her famous parents’ friends – with musical mastermind Jay Z chums with most of the industry.

Beyonce and her daughter
While Beyonce carefully manages her public persona, she has slowly been introducing her only child to life as a celebrity.

Using her Tumblr page she has given fans glimpses of Blue Ivy as she travels the world in her parents’ entourage.


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