Brewing Romance Allegedly Between Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber: Did It Hurt Big Sean And Selena Gomez?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
Brewing Romance Allegedly Between Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber: Did It Hurt Big Sean And Selena Gomez?

Where are the fan groups already shipping Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber? You can hold your hopes up high! There are speculations that the two music artists will be together for the concert tour of the Canadian male popstar. Read on for more details.

According to New York Daily News, an insider revealed about it.


“The whole thing will hopefully end in several stadium dates with special guest Ariana Grande. This is in the very early stages but serious conversations are taking place.” the source told the outlet.

Aside from this, the insider also mentioned that probably they would be on stage together to perform for some duets. This is in addition to performing their popular hit songs.

Just few months ago, Grande and Bieber fired up the stage in the “Honeymoon Tour” of the “One Last Time” singer in Los Angeles. They were seen becoming too intimately close while they’re doing an act for this event. Apparently, this hurt Big Sean.

In the article from People Magazines, there are unconfirmed reports going on the internet that Bieber could have been one of the factors why Grande and Big Sean ended their relationship. This seems like there had been a silent competition between them and an obvious winner emerged.


Talking about past relationships, how about Selena Gomez? The same article described that they aren’t really what most calls as BFF since they have a rift between them these past years. Allegedly, Bieber is a part of reason behind that silent rivalry as to why they can’t completely be best friends.

However, it seems like Grande and Bieber have already moved on with the last heartbreaks they had. Their chemistry can definitely create a new form of fan groups. A music expert said that there is already a “ton of crossover in their fan base.”

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have already proven how they can make beautiful music together, literally as they performed together on stage before. Let’s all soon find out it this will escalate to a new relationship for them.

Photo Source: Justin Bieber/Facebook