Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Spoilers: Who will be the Ultimate Detective Slash Genius?

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 months ago
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Spoilers: Who will be the Ultimate Detective Slash Genius?
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4 has seen Jake and gang take down the mafia boss Jimmy Figgis and manage the first episode of crossover with Jess and co. Now another big challenge awaits them and this could be one of the biggest challenges the precinct will ever see, Halloween.


For all those who know Jake and Captain Holt have an annual tradition where they compete for supremacy and a specific title, that title being Detective Slash Genius. So keeping true to their tradition, this season too, the two will be competing for the title and if the details revealed by the synopsis are to be believed, the competition will be at its ultimate.

TV Guide reported that this year the squad would compete for the annual Halloween Heist in hopes of winning the title of Ultimate Detective Slash Genius. As far as records show, Jake has won the competition once, Holt has also won it once when he used others to trick Jake and in the third one, Amy proved to be smarter than everyone when she ended up tricking everyone because neither Holt nor Jake allowed her to be in their teams.

After Amy’s win last year, it would be interesting to see who ends up winning this year because the stakes will be at an all time high and Holt, Jake amongst others will do their level best to win the ultimate title this year.

Going by the precision Captain Holt works, chances are he will end up winning this year’s title but since the others have probably been observing him, he could expect some serious competition. On the other hand, Jake must have been planning for this competition since the time he and Holt were in Florida and will now look to implement all of his strategies to win it anyhow.

New challengers this year could also include Terry, Rosa and Amy, given the competitive spirit that they have. Amy might work toward keeping her image as the Queen of this competition from last year and Terry, Rosa might just want to win it for themselves.

As the episode reveals itself, the winner of this year’s competition will be known soon.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4 episode 5 will air on Oct. 18.

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