Buckingham Palace in ‘Poor State;’ Queen Elizabeth II May Need to Move Out

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Buckingham Palace in ‘Poor State;’ Queen Elizabeth II May Need to Move Out
Queen Elizabeth II
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It looks like the Queen of England has to have tea somewhere else.


Since she took the throne in 1952 and resided in Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II is being asked to move out… temporarily. It’s because that also, since 1952, the palace hasn’t been redecorated substantially and now, it really needs to undergo major renovations and upgrades, which will cost an estimate of $237 million according to officials. Repairs or upgrades include replacing old plumbing, wiring and removing asbestos.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth II has other places to live in but we all know that she has a fondness for Buckingham Palace considering the fact that her ancestor Queen Victoria first used it. It also has a beautiful garden, which plays host to parties and ceremonial events on a yearly basis.

According to the Keeper of the Privy Purse Alan Reid, the maintenance of the palace will be a challenge in terms of finances in the next coming years and with that being said, the Queen has to live in a different residence for more or less a year before the palace is suitable again to be lived in.

Windsor Castle is being considered as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s temporary residence while Buckingham Palace is being renovated. This may not be a problem at all to our beloved royals because they consider Windsor Castle to be their weekend home.

This will also mark the first time a monarch would vacate Buckingham Palace since Queen Victoria designated it as official residence in 1837. However, Queen Elizabeth is not being forced to move out but the Palace is in such a poor state that it really has to undergo renovation.

Well, we shall see whether the queen will move out or not as she is currently in Berlin with Prince Philip for the three-day state visit to Germany.

Do you think the Queen should move out or no? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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