Cheating Rumors About Bobby Flay Taken Its Toll On Some People As They Publicly Humiliate The Celebrity Chef

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
Cheating Rumors About Bobby Flay Taken Its Toll On Some People As They Publicly Humiliate The Celebrity Chef

Bobby Flay remains to be a controversial figure in the present year. After allegedly being involved with Giada de Laurentiis, he became the an entertainment news item again with the decision of filing a divorce to his then wife Stephanie March. Apparently, some people can’t handle these rumors anymore and take things on their hands.

In a report from New York Post, an unexpected stint was prepared for Flay in the New York Food and Wine Festival. The “Desnudas” appeared on the event with a loud message allegedly aimed for him. The word “Cheater!” was painted on their bare chest which definitely caught everyone’s attention. And of course, this isn’t for free. An unknown client paid for the desnudas with the right price for such stint.


Chris Oliveri, the manager of desnudas or as what they proclaim themselves as Times Square Body Art, looks forward to more advertising exposure for the group. They are even hoping for more stints across the country and even overseas.

So who is behind this public humiliation for Flay? Oliveri remains mum about it explaining “I was paid a lot of money not to say anything.” The customer is always right and his or her interest will be the top priority of any business-related group, confidentiality is, therefore, a must.


March’s lawyer, Deborah Lana, immediately dismissed rumors that her client planned it.

“I’m quite sure Stephanie had nothing to do with this. My personal speculation is that it could have been any of the disaffected people in [Flay’s] world.” Lana said.

This isn’t the only time someone publicly humiliated Flay. According to Daily Mail last June, he was given both a recognition for fame and shame. His star on Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled that month. As he was addressing this fans who supported him for this new mark in his career, a plane suddenly appeared carrying the banner with the word “Cheater” speculated to be directed for him.

Will the series of issues about Bobby Flay ever stop or just continue?

Photo Source: Bobby Flay/Facebook