Is Chris Soule’s New ‘DWTS’ Partner the Reason Behind His Split With Whitney Bischoff?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Is Chris Soule’s New ‘DWTS’ Partner the Reason Behind His Split With Whitney Bischoff?

Was “Dancing With the Stars” the main reason behind the breakup between Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff? Read on to know more about this.

There are many who are wondering whether the “The Bachelor” couple went their separate ways as Whitney Bischoff was jealous of Witney Carson, Chris Soule’s partner in “DWTS”.


As reported by Hollywood Take, it was due to “DWTS” that these two Bachelor stars had been spending quite a lion’s share of time apart from each other after they got engaged which might have also made their relationship strained.

As “The Bachelor” couple seem to move on with their individual lives, many believe that the decision taken by Chris to be a part of “DWTS” soon after the “The Bachelor” could be a  contributing factor to this unsuccessful engagement.

A source confided after the breakup between Chris Soule and Whitney that it was “DWTS” that strained the relationship between the two. Whitney had to share Chris with other female competitors on “The Bachelor” and it may have seemed stoo much for her to share him once more.

It might have really bothered Whitney.

The couple broke their engagement in the month of May after just a few months of viewers watching them getting engaged on the show.

The stars said that they have amicably and mutually made up their mind to end this relationship.

However, it seems that the couple shared deep admiration and respect for each other and will always remain friends. Chris and Whitney also extended their thanks to all those who had been supportive of their journey together.

The lady chosen by Chris Soules for spending the rest of his life with might have been Whitney Bischoff as he proposed her on the hit reality show “The Bachelor” but Witney Carson, his partner in “Dancing with the Stars” is the one lady, the man is busy spending all his time with.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Chris Soule