Claire Danes Admits That Dating Billy Crudup was ‘Really Hard’ After He Left Pregnant Mary Louise Parker

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Claire Danes Admits That Dating Billy Crudup was ‘Really Hard’ After He Left Pregnant Mary Louise Parker

It has been over a decade now since Claire Danes had a relationship with actor Billy Crudup. The latter left Mary Louise Parker, who was then pregnant with their child for her. However, as they say, some controversies just refuse to die.

Claire Danes, 36 who starred in “Homeland” and is happily married to Hugh Dancy, former star of “Hannibal” was surprisingly honest about the scandal that took place in the year 2003 on a show called “Sirius XM” on Monday, which is hosted by Howard Stern.


Billy Crudup had been dating Mary Louis Parker for eight long years and the couple was even expecting their first baby together. Mary was about seven months pregnant when Billy decided to break up with her after he met Claire while shooting for a movie titled “Stage Beauty”.

Dane admits that she was simply in love with Billy, who is now 47 years old. She wanted to explore all of that. Moreover, she was just 24 and was not aware of the consequences of their affair.

She remembered all the public backlashes, which were quite a scary thing for her. It was really hard for her and she was not aware about how not to do that.

Parker is in the process of getting her first book released on November 1, called “Dear Mr. You”, that may have a mention about the then notorious love triangle between her, Crudup, and Danes.

Mary, 51 would narrate her lifestory through several letters that she wrote to some of the most crucial men in her life.

However, as far as Danes is concerned, she is finally at peace with that situation.

She also said that she has already been through it and is friends with Billy Crudup, as far as her current relationship with him is concerned.

Danes and Crudup had dated for a period of three years and they split in 2006. She is now happily married to Dancy, 40 since 2009. The couple has a child together named Cyrus, who is three year old.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons