“Coach” Revival Halted By NBC

By Kitin Miranda | 1 year ago
“Coach” Revival Halted By NBC

Every year, television studios and networks are pitched ideas for possible television shows, or possible remakes and reboots that might just possibly work in the present day. However, out of the countless pitched shows, and greenlit pilots, some of them continue on to become huge hits, thus surviving for several more years, while others don’t make it past the first season, get cancelled before the pilot episode even aired,  or worse, some don’t even get past the development stage. One such recent reboot that will be now classified as a show that got cancelled before it premiered is the upcoming reboot of the ‘90s sitcom, “Coach.” Read on to learn more about this story.

Everything was all set at NBC for the reboot ad the return of the ‘90s sitcom, “Coach.” It starred Craig T. Nelson as the titular coach.


The reboot starred Nelson as Coach Fox, who becomes the assistant coach to his son, who is now the head coach of a new University team.

According to the report on Deadline, despite having a cast and a thirteen episode order, when previewed to a test audience, NBC discovered that the reaction was mixed, while some called the reboot “dated”, and not suited for today’s audience.

Because of this, and because of several other creative differences, the network decided to halt the project altogether, Universal TV will try its best to “shop” the show to different networks that might just be interested in it.

Last April, Entertainment Weekly spoke to Nelson, who admitted, during the TV Land Awards, that jumping into the revival was a very risky thing to do. It meant that there was hope for it, but its fate would also depend on how well it will be received.

However, another network might yet just pick the halted project, or the project could be shelved and brought out again for a different year, in which audiences might be a little bit more receptive to Coach Fox.

And that was the latest development on NBC’s revival of “Coach”. For more news, updates and spoilers on upcoming television shows this fall, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).


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