Confused Baby Meets Dad’s Twin for the First Time [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 2 years ago
Confused Baby Meets Dad’s Twin for the First Time [WATCH VIDEO]
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If this baby could talk, she probably would’ve said “What the hell?”


This adorably cute baby’s reaction after seeing her dad’s twin brother for the first time is what you’d expect from any baby — bewildered. Seeing two images of her dad had made this adorable tyke gaze wildly and looked back and forth, making her think “This is not right!”

The video, which was uploaded last Saturday, has reached over 700,000 hits and a lot of comments about the baby’s cute reaction.

In the funny clip, the baby was brought along by her parent to drop by her uncle’s place. She was then brought into the room, and that’s when the cuteness and bewilderment from the poor baby starts.

The guy who was looking at her is a spitting image of her father.

Her father and uncle are identical twins, and it seems that the baby’s parental units have shrewdly botched the whole concept to their bewildered daughter.

Her head swings to and fro between her father and the man with her dad’s face, with what could be seen as mistrust on her face.

Her parents and uncle are clearly amused by what was happening.

In the video, they, especially the uncle, attempt to comfort the baby girl and tell that everything is alright while the baby’s parents chortles in the background.

By the end of the video, the baby girl seems to have gotten used to her uncle, even warming up to him and did a high five and fist bump.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/haruichiban


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