Does Courteney Cox Blame Jennifer Aniston For Split With Johnny McDaid?

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
Does Courteney Cox Blame Jennifer Aniston For Split With Johnny McDaid?

Courteney Cox does not blame actress Jennifer Aniston for her broken engagement to former beau Johnny McDaid, although there was a tabloid report to this effect. Gossip Cop, however, reports that this claim is false, as it has been told that it was a completely ridiculous rumor.

According to one of the tabloids, the director blamed Jennifer Aniston partially for the split between her and McDaid.


A source had told National Enquirer that the crack in the duo’s relationship started becoming evident immediately after Jen got married in the month of August this year. The magazine also accused Aniston of instigating her friend Cox to put pressure on McDaid to get married too.

The tabloid also mentioned that an insider shared with them that McDaid was not happy with the supposed meddling of Aniston and it seems he had even warned her to back off. The source further added that McDaid warned Cox several times that her friend was trying to stir up problems between them.

Apparently, Courteney Cox is now biting her nails for letting Aniston meddle in her personal affairs. The same source also claimed that Cox was even ready to dump her friend if McDaid agrees to continue with their relationship once again.

Though the entire chain of incidents sound quite dramatic, it is not true at all. An exclusive source who is close to the director shared with Gossip Cop that there is no truth about the accusations made against Aniston’s involvement in the couple’s split.

In fact the split between Cox and McDaid had no relationship with Aniston’s so called “meddling” or commitment issues.

In fact, the magazine has gotten to know that both of them had some sort of problem with living arrangements. Cox wanted to continue staying in LA while McDaid wanted them to shift to the United Kingdom.

It is also told that they had an amicable split and both of them still share a good rapport.

Courteney Cox still shares a friendly equation with Aniston and there is no validity of the claims made by the tabloid.



Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Courteney Cox