Criminal Minds Season 12 Casts Thomas Gibson’s Hotch Returns In Episode 5? Actor Teases On Twitter!

By Janine | 3 months ago
Criminal Minds Season 12 Casts Thomas Gibson’s Hotch Returns In Episode 5? Actor Teases On Twitter!
Criminal Minds Season 12 Casts Thomas Gibson’s Hotch Coming Back In Episode 5?
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Will Criminal Minds Season 12 see the return of Thomas Gibson? After the controversy surrounding Thomas Gibson and his behavior on the set of Criminal Minds, his character, Hotch, and his future is uncertain.


What is meant to be a short suspension is turning out to be a termination. Many speculate that Criminal Minds Season 12 will slowly pull out Aaron Hotchner through the season in an email or a letter. Which means they are giving his name only a few seconds of air time. In the previous episode, that is exactly the case. During last Wednesday’s episode, Hotch gets a special assignment which leaves Prentiss to take his place for the mean time.

But is it really for the mean time? Will Criminal Minds own original cast member, Thomas Gibson, be leaving the show for real? The actor’s absence on set was only good for a couple of episodes, cites TV Line.

After the “physical confrontation” from an argument with the show’s writer, it looks like he is really gone for good. Unless they quietly bring him back! Even his Twitter status teases a return! Does his post “See you all soon” hint of a comeback?

According to the show’s writer, Virgil Williams, Gibson questions a line on the script and that is when Gibson allegedly “taps” Williams on the leg. In his defense, Gibson says that Williams was coming towards him. And if he did not move, Williams would have run straight to him. The actor then says his apologies the day after the incident.

After filming an episode, the set did not ask him to come back. But there are those who speculate that the show is bringing Hotch back. However, he is not going to be the same Hotch everyone knows. In episode 4, the serial killer’s identity is close to the big reveal. And there are details that indicate Hotch showing up in the near episodes, too. Is he going to hunt down the serial killer? Details point to Gibson’s character as the victim.

Maybe in his absence, his “special mission” leads him to the serial killer. Do you think Hotch is returning on Criminal Minds Season 12 episode 4 and 5? Watch out for the show on Wednesday, October 19 on CBS.

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