CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 14 Episode 18 Uninvited Recap [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 14 Episode 18 Uninvited Recap [WATCH VIDEO]

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” Season 14 Episode 19 “Uninvited” aired on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. The team investigated about the case of a local family that went missing for a month. Read on to find out more about this episode.

Previously on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (Season 14 Episode 19 “Uninvited”), a whole lot of family drama happened. The father had an illicit affair with another woman, who happened to be romantically involved with his son!


The Conners were reported to have been missing for a month. The CSI investigated the case and found Doug, an ex-con in their home. Doug claimed that he was there to do household chores in exchange of board and lodging. He narrated that the family has left later and has not returned since then. Doug sold the family’s furniture which would give light to the investigation. A document indicating the renting of a storage item was billed under Doug’s name. Upon tracking, the team found Mr. Conner’s body. Doug vehemently denied that he was involved in the crime.

An evidence on Mr. Conner’s shoes led the team to the Red Rock Canyon, and they found Jessica Fenton’s body. Going deeper in the investigation, the team soon found out that Mr. Conner and Jessica were having an illicit affair. Jessica did not take it well when Mr. Conner decided to end everything between them. She cut the brakes on Ethan’s car, hacked the server on Mr. Conner’s workplace to blackmail him, and murdered the family dog.

The team was able to connect the pieces. Mrs. Conner beat Jessica to death and her husband, Mr. Conner, helped her bury Jessica’s remains. After the examination of Jessica’s body, it was revealed that DNA found on her underwear was Ethan’s. Yes, they too had an affair and Ethan was the one responsible for the murder of his father.

Meanwhile, the team found Mr. Conner’s daughter, Heather, in a hotel room. She explained that her family planned to vanish and to head for the road after Jessica’s murder. She admitted that they hired Doug to take the blame and left the house after her father’s murder. Feeling guilty and somewhat ashamed of her family’s actions, she killed them all but claimed that she does not know where they were.

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