Dad and Kids Surprise Mom [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 2 years ago
Dad and Kids Surprise Mom [WATCH VIDEO]

Watch small plastic balls transform into a collection of colors that would put a smile on everyone’s faces. The dad on the videobecomes a naughty kid as he empties truckloads of colorful plastic balls in their house to play a crazy prank on the mother of his kids, only to leave her smiling when she comes back home, weary of all the day’s work.

The video can lift spirits, and people would wish that they are watching with their kids. Revisit your childhood with this “Roman Atwood pranks” video uploaded to Atwood’s YouTube account. Roman is an American comedian and prankster very well-known for his hidden camera prank YouTube videos. Some of his well-known prank videos are “Pee Prank,” which has over 20 million views, “Ferrari Prank, ” “Killing His Kid prank” and “Anniversary Prank Backfires.”


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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Ramesh NG