Daniel Craig Suffers From Chain Of Injuries In Nine-Year Stint As James Bond

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Daniel Craig Suffers From Chain Of Injuries In Nine-Year Stint As James Bond
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Is Daniel Craig tired of playing the role of James Bond? It seems like nines years of being Agent Bond has started to take a toll on him.


Apparently, the final cut of the movie “Spectre” does not have Daniel’s knee injury scene anymore. While Daniel was shooting for the upcoming Bond film, he had a sprain in his leg joint. It happened during shooting for a fight sequence.

The superstar, 47 had to go to New York where he had to undergo surgery. He had to take a break for many weeks before he could finally recover and resume work.

While speaking to Graham Norton in his talk show, Daniel Craig shared that he had injured his knee quite badly. However, he felt sad when the scene for which he had to face the injury was edited from the final version of the film. He felt it was shameful, as the scene had worked out well and when he had his surgery, the entire unit also got a rest for two weeks, so it actually worked out well for all who were involved with the movie.

The film was being shot for eight months at a stretch, so they were completely exhausted.

He had to suffer from several injuries during his nine-year stint as James Bond. His left and right knees had to be operated on, his thumb often hurts, and his right shoulder had to be reconstructed.

Daniel surprised his fans recently when he had reportedly declared that he would prefer slashing his wrists rather than acting as James Bond once more.

Apparently, the superstar has been told to hush up and stop criticizing the famous movie franchise.

An insider said that Daniel has become hostile towards the franchise, as he had to face a rough time while shooting the latest movie. A source also said that they had to do several scenes as Daniel needed knee surgery.



Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

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