Daniel Craig will Continue as 007 James Bond Till 2020 At Least

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Daniel Craig will Continue as 007 James Bond Till 2020 At Least

Since a few days, it was being speculated that “Spectre” would be Daniel Craig’s last venture as the British spy 007 James Bond with a license to kill. Fans had already started pitching their choices who could fill in the shoes once Daniel Craig left. Names like Damien Lewis, Idris Elba, Henry Cavill were some of the preferred choices as the next Bond. But story seems to be a bit different here.

According to Mirror, Damien Lewis will surely feel a bit disappointed since Daniel Craig is not going to retire from the James Bond persona any time soon. The actor recently decided that he will not be retiring and continue playing James Bond, quite contrary to what was being reported earlier. Daniel who is currently completing “Spectre” will be doing one more film as the spy thus completing his contract of 5 films that he was given after “Skyfall” had released. Before “Skyfall” released, many believed that the actor would get to play the role in one more movie after “Skyfall”, making his contract to a 4 film deal. But when “Skyfall” grossed well over a billion dollars, his contract was extended to a 5 film deal and he was asked to do one more. Not to forget the fact that fans absolutely loved him in the film and excitement surrounding the next Bond installment has increased even more.


One spokesperson from Sony confirmed that Daniel has assured them that he will be fulfilling his contract and do the fifth film as well. The current installment in the franchise sends James Bond to different mysterious locations when he sets on a journey to follow a trail and unearthing more information about a sinister organization called “SPECTRE”. The reason why he sets out on the mission at the first place is because forensics find something from the debris of Bond’s estate Skyfall in Scotland, which is then forwarded to Bond by Moneypenny and thus starts his mission. “Spectre” will be releasing in November this year.

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Photo source: Facebook/James Bond 007