David Foster and Yolanda Foster Divorce Caused By Her Attachment To Fame And Attention, A Source Claimed

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 11 months ago
David Foster and Yolanda Foster Divorce Caused By Her Attachment To Fame And Attention, A Source Claimed

It came as a shock for close friends and supporters about the divorce of David Foster and Yolanda Foster. For four years of married life, they have been under the radar except for the recent turn of events. Although there are several speculations about the divorce, a source claimed that it was on her side to blame for the fallout in their marriage.

Through an exclusive revelation from a source at People Magazine, it was stated that her love for the new found fame became the trigger for their end of their married life.


The source said, “Yolanda’s obsession with fame for her and her children is the cause of the split. David didn’t want to be part of the show, but he knew how important it was to her. He wanted to make her happy. ”


The source also came to the defense of David who allegedly was the one who first gave up in their relationship, “What’s so hurtful now is that there are these stories perpetuating that he’s a horrible guy, who’s left her out to dry. David would have probably worked on the marriage. He’s 66 and he doesn’t want to be alone and on his fourth divorce.”

The source also explained that Yolanda’s Lyme disease was not itself a factor in the fallout but by how she used it to get the sympathy from the general public through social media rather than spending more time with her loved ones.

According to Hollywood Take, she shared in a recent interview that she only want to focus now on the better things.

Yolanda said, “The truth is that we both worked through the difficult time through the best of our ability, so rather than judging what went wrong, I pick to honor the great times that we shared the last nine years. There were a wealth of good times.”

Hopefully, David Foster and Yolanda Foster will soon move on from this unfortunate happening.

Photo Source: David Foster/Facebook