‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers December 16 to 18: Hope Gets Arrested By Rafe

By Pala Sen | 10 months ago
‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers December 16 to 18:  Hope Gets Arrested By Rafe

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the week from December 16 to December 18 takes the viewers to Salem that is yet to come out of the evil acts of the characters who are residents in this town. The characters of the show continue using the power that they possess to get self-contentment in their lives.

The spoilers for “Days of Our Lives” show that Abigail has lost her peace of mind even though she deserves it after she fled away from the captivity of Ben.  Chad and Abigial  will get an entire  night to be in each other’s company, but even that will fall short to unite them.


Chad will be seen pursuing Belle and for not the right reasons.

DOOL spoilers would also reveal how Chad is convinced by Andre to woo Belle though Andre is aware of Chad’s affection for Abigail.

On the other hand, Hope is arrested by Rafe due to Dr.Malcolm’s death. According to some reports, Hope will be a prime suspect in this case as she had communicated with the deceased doctor previously to get  some news about the captors of Bo.

There would be a direct face-off between Ava and Kayla that would be horrifying for the latter.

The Spoilers for “Days of Our Lives” would also reveal how Eduardo would gradually share incidents from the past with John.

Though Rafe arrests Hope, he does everything that is in his power to ensure that Ciara and Hope enjoy the festivities in the holiday season to some extent.

It’s confession time for Eduardo as he reveals to John that he intended to murder him. This stuns John more because Eduardo admits about the uncommitted crime.

According to another report, the spoilers for “Days of Our Lives” would also cover how Belle is reunited with Brady. Belle also confessed to her bro about her past scandals.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers would reveal more about the various characters in the show.  Salem would witness more evil acts of its residents.



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  Picture Source: Facebook/Days of Our Lives Spoilers