Days of Our Lives Spoilers: November 28 to December 2 [VIDEO]

By Alex | 2 months ago
Days of Our Lives Spoilers: November 28 to December 2 [VIDEO]
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In the latest update, Days of Our Lives reveals new secrets among characters. JJ finds out about a secret while the family almost had a disaster during Thanksgiving. Find out for updates about the series below.


Abe Helps Valerie?

It seems like Abe (James Reynolds) is the star of this week’s happenings. Lani (Sal Stowers), who is connected with JJ (Casey Moss), will come back just to see him. Meanwhile, the-man-of-the-hour will also have a closer bond with Valerie (Vanessa Williams).

This time, they will go against Theo (Kyler Pettis) and Claire (Olivia Keegan). The two started to search about Vanessa and her history.

She Knows reported that Theo will not have a good time at the dinner. It was after Abe brought Vanessa home.

DOUL Celebrates Thanksgiving

The Hortons celebrates a special double event during Thanksgiving. Aside from the said occasion, they also planned Thomas’ (Rhasaan Orange) birthday. However, several conflicts will arise at the said event.

Chad (Billy Flynn) learns about the latest updates on Stefano (Joseph Mascolo). Gabi (Camila Banus) then tries to comfort him and decided on joining the festivities.

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Abigail on the Run, JJ Learns about a Huge Secret!

Jennifer learns about Laura’s connection with Abigail and now, she’s furious! A desperate Abigail will then use blackmail to keep herself safe. Meanwhile, JJ goes to the attic of the house where he makes a stunning discovery. Is it Abigail or something else important? Who is the unlucky person that Abigail will blackmail?

More Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Everyone gets affected by Stefano’s death. Shawn and the others will now work together to free Hope out of prison. Before her wedding, Adrienne must choose between Justin and Lucas. The upcoming episodes will reveal her final decision.

Days of Our Lives airs on NBC.

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