DC Heroes and Villains Who Might Join Harley Quinn-Bird of Prey Movie

By Diane Samson | 2 months ago
DC Heroes and Villains Who Might Join Harley Quinn-Bird of Prey Movie
Laurel Lance/Black Canary in Arrow
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Suicide Squad member, Harley Quinn, is getting her own movie! According to rumors, Margot Robbie’s new project will feature other popular characters from comic-verse. Here are the possible heroes and villains from DC Comics that might make their debut on the big screen soon.


Barbara Gordon

According to rumors, Robbie, who will star and produce the film, want to include the Birds of Prey in Harley Quinn’s first movie outside of Suicide Squad. And, if the Birds of Prey is involved, there should be an appearance by Barbara Gordon.

One of the most popular female heroes in DC Universe, Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl is a prominent part of Birds of Prey. However, her time of fighting crime on the streets. An encounter with the Joker caused her to retire from vigilantism.

However, she remains involved with the Birds of Prey as Oracle. While other members such as Black Canary and Huntress are the field warriors, the Oracle is the brain of the operations.

Hopefully, however, she can make her debut as Batgirl before she becomes the Oracle.

Black Canary

Dinah Lance or Black Canary is also a member of Birds of Prey. While the character already made her debut on television (Arrow), DC likes to separate their big screen franchise from the small screen.

So, if Black Canary appears in Harley Quinn-Birds of Prey movie, she will likely be recast.


Over the course of her comic book existence, many have assumed the identity of the Huntress. But, the most popular is Helena Wayne, daughter of Batman and Catwoman in Earth-Two. She was later re-written as Helena Bertinelli, a Catholic Italian-American winab who has sworn vengeance on the criminal underworld that killed her family, according to Wiki.

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Harley Quinn
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Poison Ivy

Meanwhile, Harley Quinn cannot face the Birds of Prey on her own. Joining her on the side of trouble is her girlfriend, Pamela Isley a.k.a Poison Ivy. First introduced in 1996, this former biologist is one of the most popular villains in DC Comics.

Poison Ivy also became a member of Suicide Squad. At one point, Black Canary recruited her to the Birds of Prey. She also established an all-female supervillain group known as the Gotham City Sirens with fellow Batman baddies, Harley Quinn and Catwoman.


There was not much appearance of Katana in Suicide Squad but, hopefully, Warner Bros. can give her more screentime in Harley Quinn’s femme fatale movie. Played by Karen Fukuhara, Katana has a long, rich history in comic books.

The studio should expand her back story, as well as her abilities, on the big screen. And, there is no better way than add her to the upcoming project. She already has a history of working with the Clown Princess of Crime as members of the Suicide Squad. 

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