Disney’s Frozen 2 is About Queen Elsa’s Future King — A Story of Warm Love?

By Janine | 3 months ago
Disney’s Frozen 2 is About Queen Elsa’s Future King — A Story of Warm Love?
Disney’s Frozen 2 is About Queen Elsa’s Future King – A Story of Warm Love?
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Frozen 2 gives its followers the cold treatment for the time being. Without much information regarding the cast and plot of the movie, Queen Elsa fans can only wait and wonder what the winter will bring.


Maybe Frozen 2 is going to focus on spring! And when spring comes around, that means love is in the air! The producers and creators behind the first movie are careful about the sequel. As young girls and teens everywhere follow Anna and Elsa, the series grows with them. Which means that the next movie should be relate-able and parallels young girls everywhere.

If the first movie is about self-discovery, bravery, and sisterly love, what is the next one about? In the spirit of girls growing up, it could just be about love. And when it comes to royalty, it is only fitting for a ruler to prepare for the future. That means babies and allies. And like young girls everywhere, planning for the future is also something to consider.

As a Queen, Elsa needs to figure out her kingdom’s future. She knows that whatever happens to her, Anna is to succeed. However, living in an icy room is cold and lonely. A lovely queen like her can long for company too. Although Disney tries to stray away from the princesses-marrying-princes fairy tale romance. It does not hurt to see her find love. Just like Beauty and the Beast, Belle falls in love with the furry Prince.

Frozen 2 brings Elsa to a different platform this time. As the official plot is still unknown, the story is going to most likely bring Queen Elsa to discovering a friendship that is special to her.

There are reports that Frozen star Idina Menzel is not in the sequel, cites Christian Times. If she is out of the picture, some speculate that Taylor Swift is taking over.

According to Disney: Love may be a door, but be careful who you let in! Is this Facebook caption a tease for what is to come? What do you think Frozen 2 is going to feature next in Elsa and Anna’s kingdom?

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