Disney’s ‘Gravity Falls’ Release Date Revealed; ‘A Tale of Two Stans’ to Explore Stan’s Twin Brother

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
Disney’s ‘Gravity Falls’ Release Date Revealed; ‘A Tale of Two Stans’ to Explore Stan’s Twin Brother

At long last! Disney’s award-winning series, “Gravity Falls” will be returning on July 13, following its midseason finale, which left everyone with a major cliffhanger. In the Season 2B premiere of the cartoon series, answers will be revealed about Grunkle Stan’s twin brother in the episode titled, “A Tale of Two Stans.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

After what seems to be quite a long wait, the continuation of “Gravity Falls” season 2 will return to the small screens on July 13. The Disney series will premiere with episode 12 titled, “A Tale of Two Stans.”


“Every mystery has a beginning. ‘A Tale of Two Stans’ premieres July 13th on DisneyXD! #GravityFalls #TheShackIsBack,” Alex Hirsch announced the good news on Twitter.

As seen on the latest episode of “Gravity Falls” in its midseason finale, Grunkle Stan revealed that he has a twin brother. This cliffhanger left everyone anticipating for the return of the series on TV to explore answers on this sudden revelation.

The outlet cited the possibility of “A Tale of Two Stans” featuring flashbacks to discover in detail the story of Grunkle Stan and his twin brother (who is still left unnamed until now).

Time Magazine reported that Grunkle Stan’s brother will be voiced by J.K. Simmons. Simmons is not entirely a stranger to the world of animated series, as the Academy Award winner has already done voice work for “Legend of Korra” and “Kim Possible.”

Meanwhile, a user named “Vailskibum94” noted on the possibility of “Gravity Falls” Season 2 taking on at least 4-5 episodes this summer and ending in November or early December via a YouTube video.

There you have it for the news on the return of “Gravity Falls.”

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Photo Source: Twitter/Alex Hirsch