DJ Zedd Disses Selena Gomez; Calls Relationship Rumors ‘Distracting’

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 1 year ago
DJ Zedd Disses Selena Gomez; Calls Relationship Rumors ‘Distracting’

DJ Zedd has never been a part of any tabloid scandal which made it difficult for him to accept the turmoil caused by an alleged blooming love with Selena Gomez. The growing number of eyes set on DJ Zedd and Selena has had the young producer probably going nuts.

DJ Zedd and Selena Gomez have been working on new music earlier this year. The two have been allegedly dating each other as their social media posts fueled speculations that a deeper friendship has been established. The two were also seen being romantic while recording their music in the studio, said a report from SeattlePi. However, the romance didn’t last long as 3 months after the two allegedly called it quits.


Zedd, 25, told Bzedd selena gomez relationship billboardard in an interview that he has never experienced to be caught under the scrutiny of the press for anything except for music. He also said he appreciated that a lot adding that he has never been confronted with scandals or done anything bad. Furthermore he said that he would like to keep it that way.

DJ Zedd also talked about how gossips had distracted him.

“Then, out of nowhere, suddenly people started talking about things that had nothing to do with my music. I was like, ‘Wait, we’ve got a song. Why don’t you talk about that song?’ It took me a really long time to do this,” he said. 

The DJ also cited his dad being the first person to text him asking if have seen the latest, which included the budding romance news with Selena Gomez. DJ Zedd also recalled the news about him and Selena to have been translated into four languages and appeared completely different from what was really going on. That is when he told his dad to not believe everything he reads online.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Selena Gomez